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Tonight I had a three-hour writing meeting with my long-time partner in film crime, Matthew Seagle (see previous post) to help flesh out a project he’s working on. Matt and I have a great chemistry writing-wise because each of us pushes the other in just the right way. Challenging in the right spot here, complimenting and expanding in the right way there. Very organic and constructive.

Anytime I get to work with Matt, it’s definitely one of the few situations where I feel like I’m coming back “home”. He’s been a great mentor to me in a lot of ways while always treating me as a peer and respecting my input and opinions as an equal. That’s a rare thing to have.

It’s environments like that help strengthen me when it comes to returning to my own work. It definitely keeps the energy alive and flowing.

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What’s Come Before…

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So tonight I gave myself the exercize of going through some older work that I had been involved with. I have some old screenplay samples from film school (although I haven’t worked my way through my feature yet). I also watched¬†some short films I had co-written as a part of of the 48-Hour Bloodshots competition here in Vancouver.

I thought I would share two of the shorts here. They were both directed by Matthew Seagle and produced by Lori Watt, names that are undoubtedly going to show up a lot in this blog because they are long-time and constant collaborators, supporters and above all else outstanding friends of mine. I owe the both of them a lot of praise and gratitude and while it seems like an impossible task on my end, I will like dole it out little bits at a time as things go here.

So the first film is “It Starts With A Feeding” which was a throwback to classic black and white silent horror films (a la Nosferatu) starring Meeshelle Neal, Brent Hodge and Derek Bedry. This was co-written by myself, Matthew Seagle and Dale Wentland for the 2008 competition.

The second film is “” starring Simon Hussey (who won an award for Best Actor that year). It was co-written by myself, Matthew Seagle and Colin Mills for the 2009 competition.

Its interesting looking back at the things you’ve done. In the case of both of these¬†films, I’m very happy with the ideas that we came up with (especially given the time constraints). I’m definitely curious what it will be like dusting off my first feature screenplay. I’ve always thought about going back and re-working it, so who knows?

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Back To Basics…

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So the first big question to tackle in this whole “quest” was exactly where to begin.

Logically, one would likely say writing. That certainly is a good part of the reason I’ve opted to keep a blog here starting at day one. Not only is a great record myself (and anyone else who cares to follow along) but it is a good, old-fashioned way to get in the habit of writing and inch those floodgates open a little more each time.

Beyond that, though, I’m going to go right back to basics tonight and actually dust off a few of my old writing textbooks. They were recently recovered from my storage unit during my recent move to Vancouver, so why not put them back into good use?

So first up I’m going to work my way through “The Writer’s Journey” by Christopher Vogler. I remember finding it really informative back in the day so I figured it would be a nice refresher.

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A New Start… Sorta…

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So this blog is essentially marking the start of my journey into writing.

That’s not entirely true, mind you. I’ve been writing since I was a little kid. I entered contests through high school. I’ve had pieces published even. I also went to both college and film school for writing.

Until now, however, it had never been my sole focus. Which sounds odd when I look back at what a constant it has been, but for some reason or another it always ended up taking a back seat to other projects, hobbies, interests, even career paths.

But after a lot of reflecting since the start of the year, I know that this is where my heart lies and I know that to truly succeed at it, I need to pour my focus into it.

At the end of it all, it could look like a lot of different things. It may mean more school. It may mean different job options. Things, though, are a lot clearer and I’m definitely excited to see where this takes me.

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